jQuery – Selector Starts-Ends With

Selector Starts With: $('input[name^=somePrefix]').doSomething(); Selector ENDS with: $('input[name$=someSuffix]').doSomething(); In ASP.Net: This is particularly useful in ASP.Net when you may not want to specify clientidmode static, but still want to use [...]

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ASP.Net Checkbox Click Event Fires Twice

Issue When using jQuery to detect and handle the click of an ASP.Net checkbox, the click event is detected twice. You may notice that the event fires twice when you [...]

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jQuery – Get Ajax Post Error Details

$.post('status.ajax.php', {deviceId: id}) .done( function(msg) { ... } ) .fail( function(xhr, textStatus, errorThrown) { alert(xhr.responseText); }); http://stackoverflow.com/a/12116790/4669143

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jQuery – Enable or Disable Inputs

$("input").prop('disabled', true); $("input").prop('disabled', false); This will automatically add/remove the 'disabled' property of the element. Source: http://stackoverflow.com/a/1414366/4669143

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