Seed Identity Data in ASP.Net Core

When using Identity in ASP.Net Core, it can be useful to seed some data for testing purposes. How to go about that is not entirely obvious, given that the tables [...]

2020-10-28T01:41:27-03:00October 28th, 2020|

Entity Framework Core Model in .NET Framework 4x Project

Because .NET Standard is implemented by later versions of the .NET Framework and .NET Core, these two very different project types can actually play nicely together. (I think of .NET [...]

2020-11-04T17:53:27-04:00October 23rd, 2020|

Create ASP.Net Core 3.1 MVC Project With Entity Framework

This example demonstrates how to create & configure an ASP.Net Core 3.1 MVC project with Entity Framework. I've included instructions on adding the appropriate NuGet packages, setting up the connection [...]

2020-02-16T11:57:52-04:00February 13th, 2020|

Serializing Objects in ASP.Net WebForms

This is a very incomplete post with some quick & dirty notes about serializing objects in ASP.Net WebForms. All included code is VB.Net. Default ASP.Net serialization Classes must have annotation [...]

2019-09-10T14:25:17-03:00September 10th, 2019|

Why Repository Pattern with Entity Framework Is No Longer Necessary

When building applications with ASP.Net Core and Entity Framework, Microsoft often recommends in their official training (including course 20486D) that developers use the Repository Pattern to further abstract Entity Framework. [...]

2019-08-27T12:03:54-03:00August 27th, 2019|
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